18 April 2011

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium is a shiny gray metal that is used in many applications because it is full of useful features. E 'is often used in many light metal alloys, is very strong. Titanium is an important feature is that it is a neutral body, and does not cause skin irritation or discoloration. This is why Thomas Sabo Octopus Pendant are very well preserved as wedding rings.

To symbolize the union, people use metal rings to wedding rings. Europe is an ancient custom still practiced today. In some countries, people wear the wedding ring on left ring finger, while in other countries, leading wedding ring on the ring finger of his right hand. Typically, gold bands wedding are usually used, but brass bands wedding today another as titanium, platinum, palladium is now used. Although well admired, there are advantages and disadvantages of titanium wedding bands.

Bands Titanium Wedding - The Pros

Corrosion resistance

Because titanium is tough but lightweight, it does not cut it under pressure and is therefore suitable for everyday wear. In addition, wedding bands titanium corrosion resistant of all time, the sun, pollution or other damage causing elements. They are easily scratched or change form.


Titanium wedding bands are safe to use because it does not cause allergic skin reactions. They do not get color, because they make it look shiny for a long time.

Titanium Wedding Bands - Disadvantages


The main disadvantage of an alliance titanium is that it can not weld or resized. Therefore, when you think about buying a titanium ring, it is important to take appropriate measures or were custom fit.

dull sheen

Titanium can not substitute for Thomas Sabo Doll Pendant or platinum, because it is less bright and can not match the standards of these metals. While shiny, seems dull sheen of titanium relative to other metals used for making jewelry favored.

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